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Naachiaa Group of Companies is one of the leading providers of construction services and concrete products in Ghana. Our quality services coupled with the state of the art of our products have elevated us to be second to none in Ghana and in the West African sub-region and beyond.
Naachiaa Quarry and Granite Ltd (NAAQUA) Know More
Naachiaa Quarry and Granite Ltd is into the production of high grade chippings of all sizes and quarry dust for constructional activities.

NAAQUA can boast of the biggest crusher in West Africa for its productions. With our crusher’s higher efficiency, we are able to produce a maximum of about 260m3 of all sizes ranging from dust 0-6mm, 6-19mm, 6-25mm, 25-35mm, 19-25mm, 25-50mm , 0-40mm, 10mm, and 14mm per hour.

The strength of our chippings has been tested to be the best in Ghana and one of the best in Africa.

Naachiaa Plant Pool Ltd (NAAPOL) Know More
The areas of operations of NAAPOL are basically
Plant Hire
Civil and Earthworks
Road construction
Building Construction
Contract Mining
Currently, NAAPOL has machines ranging from CAT DOZERS, EXCAVATORS, WHEEL LOADERS, GRADERS, COMPACTORS, and TRUCKS in all the mining companies in Ghana.

The higher efficiency of our machines and our quality job delivery has been the secret to our excellence. For this reason, our partners in the mining and building industry look no further than Naachiaa Plant Pool Limited.

Naachiaa Estates Limited (NEL) Know More
The operations of Naachiaa Estates Limited cover
Construction Consultancy
The production of a wider range of Concrete Products.
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Our concrete products have received a tremendous recognition in Ghana by all stakeholders in the construction industry. With our fully mechanized operational activities, our seasoned expertise meticulously carries out our production with quality as our haul mark.

Some of our products range from acrylic roofing tiles, solid and hollow blocks of all sizes, pavement blocks of different standards and sizes/shape, culverts, Kerbs, slabs and other custom made products.

With Naachiaa Quarry and Granite Ltd, chippings and quarry dust which is an integral part in the production of concrete products are readily available for mass production.
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